Waldorf Handwork: Easy Knit Slippers

Just found a bunch of un-matched slippers from the “old days” and it inspired me to start knitting some of these again. My kids LOVED these and so did all the friends and family I knitted them for – even the guys! They are SO super easy I almost felt guilty for the thank-you’s 😉 And, I wish I had a picture but once you make this a couple times you can easily adjust it yourself (for different sizes) and I was able to make my friend’s little girl matching slippers with her DOLL! The doll slippers took me about 30 minutes. I wish I had a picture but it was just one of those spur of the moment things I did when I was wanting to entertain the kids out on her farm one sunny day. No pictures 🙁

But I do have a picture of the regular slippers (take note that these were a random pair made from synthetic yarn that my daughter found and loved but natural is best for comfort. Also take note that I have my daughter is modeling a pair that fit her two years ago 😉 and a nice pattern to share. Note that the size of these slippers is size 10-13 (women) so you need to adjust the pattern accordingly.

You need: About 130-150 yards light bulky or heavy worsted weight yarn

Use: Size 10 needles.

Hint: If you want to easily adjust this pattern for a smaller foot you can use thinner yarn and smaller needles 😉

Repeated Pattern: This is the “pattern” you will be using over and over…
Row One: Knit
Row Two: Knit 2, Pearl 2, Repeat for rest of row


CO 52 (56, 60) sts.
Knit in pattern stitch for four inches (or less for smaller sizes)
Bind off four stitches at the beginning of the next 6 rows.
Knit four rows even until the slipper measures six inches.
Knit one, pearl one for TEN rows (or 2 inches)
Knit one, pearl one for an entire row

To finish (this is magical fun)
Cut yarn & leave a long tail.
Thread through the stitches on a needle and pull tightly.
Fold in half.
Sew toe closed
Sew back seam.

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