Eurythmy and the Home Schooling Movement

By Cynthia Hoven

It is impossible to expect or hope that anyone who hasn’t gone through a full, four-year eurythmy curriculum to be able to master and teach eurythmy to children with the joy, flexibility, creativity, insight and understanding necessary. However, many parents are choosing to offer their children a Waldorf home schooling experience. These parents have made the commitment to develop themselves academically, artistically and practically, so that they can model and lead their children through their learning journey.

In fact, this Eurythmy Online curriculum was created specifically because a Waldorf home-schooling mother insisted that it must be possible to offer a modified training course for these homeschooling parents. And although I initially declined the challenge, I eventually realized that I could offer an option to any parents who were willing to train themselves in the basic fundamentals of eurythmy. It is to these parents especially that I address the words: teaching eurythmy is completely different from teaching sports or games. Teaching eurythmy to your home schoolers means that your yourself are working on how to integrate your own body soul and spirit for maximum health and harmony.

Parents who want to share eurythmy with their home-schooled children will find here a modest selection of exercises gathered for every grade level. These can be part of your morning circle, especially in the younger grades.

What I have not been able to offer in this curriculum is a beautiful immersion into the art of doing eurythmy to poetry and music. This next step in your eurythmy journey would only be possible to transmit through live classes. I am always looking for opportunities to travel and meet with my eurythmy online students, wherever they may live. Let me know if you’re interested!

Because of the importance of Eurythmy in Waldorf inspired programs all Earthschooling curriculum offers Eurythmy lessons (as well as many other essential teacher support tutorials) as part of their curriculum packages HERE.

This article is part three of the series “Why is Eurythmy Important”. To read part one link HERE.  To read part two link HERE.


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