Waldorf Education and College

Mosi in TshirtLast week I visited a college campus with my daughter – she will be attending in August 2013. She has already registered and since she does not have much school work left to do before she goes she took on an almost full time job while she waits for the college semester to start! It is so strange to see my little Waldorf “doll” driving herself to work and back and shopping for things she wants with the money she earned and applying for scholarships, finding a roommate and…just going to college!

It seems just yesterday she was holding her Waldorf doll and singing circle time songs with me. But reflecting back on all those years of Waldorf Earthschooling I am able to see how some of the things we did have helped her develop into who she is today and I can also see how valuable all that time I spent with her was. I wanted to share a few of my observations to inspire some of you “newer” parents who many be just starting with Waldorf Earthschooling or homeschooling.

* I am so grateful for each moment I spent with her. Sometimes it seemed I would never do anything but circle time or that I would be lost in play-silks and fairies forever. But now I’m glad we had those years together because they went so fast. I’m glad I didn’t let someone else experience all those moments with her. I’m glad I was there.

* All those things we did that were “different than the norm” cultivated in her an ability to think for herself instead of following “should” or the “in” crowd.

* All those creative activities we did translated into amazing creative film editing skills even though computers were never a big part of our house.

* Letting her follow her own pace in learning to read (she didn’t read until she was 9 even though she started at 7) enabled her to gain confidence in reading and excel beyond her “grade” later in life.

* The different ages and kinds of people she learned with created a very open person who learns from everyone and is able to mix with different groups.

* Her work with the temperaments has enabled her to work with many different kinds of people.

* Her form drawing work developed into an ability to draw very precise scientific drawings and think about pursuing a career in science.

* She is a natural teacher from watching me teach so many classes and from helping with many of them. She may also choose teaching as a career.

* From knitting her own hat and purse to building a table she learned that a person can create their own “reality” and things they need. She doesn’t wait around for people to create things for her.

* Spending time together learning new things as a family bonded her closely with her sister and brother and she regularly spends time with both her sister and brother even though she is on her way to college.

* She has learned that taking a walk in nature is a great way to center her-self and get some of that inner peace that everyone needs to have. She still does it frequently to this day.

* She has not become a great baker from all the bread we shaped over the years (although her brother has!) but she has some great memories from baking done by us together and by her brother and finds the community experience of baking bread or cookies together to be comforting and bonding.

* So much more I could write a book about it! But I guess my BLOGs and Earthschooling curriculum will have to suffice as the “book” for now 🙂

Wishing you all many happy experiences on your own child’s path to college! I still have two on the path so we will continue to enjoy it with you (and I’m secretly looking forward to grandchildren so I never need to leave the daily joy of Waldorf education 😉

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