Gluten Free Breads: Tips from Members

A lot of new members have asked about gluten-free breads so I thought I would copy this wonderful post that Kimberly made last year. It contains some great information and links for gluten-free bread:

Thanks again Kimberly! She writes…

I have found a few gluten free bread mixes that allow the children the knead the dough (chebe bread is one of them)

Thank You! Thank You! for mentioning the brand…I will see if I can mail order this.

It is becoming more and more clear that my oldest son and I are gluten-intolerant. What we’ve been experimenting with so far include:

I’ve had decent luck with the Gluten-Free Gourmet books (go here for some free recipes):

And I like many of the baking recipes in Carol Fenster’s books (I can’t get the sandwich bread recipe to turn out, but my DH doesn’t have a problem with it…Go Figure!):

Gluten-Free Pantry is the brand that is most accessible to me locally (; and I use their French Bread/Pizza Dough and the Favorite Sandwich Bread mix. So far, I haven’t found a recipe whose taste I prefer over these. Of course, these are too loose and sticky to knead, so I’m excited to try the other brand.

There are also new gluten-free blogs popping up every day it seems. Two of my favorites are:

The Gluten Free Goddess (who shares my dislike of soy/bean flours, so I use her stuff quite a bit)

The Gluten Free in the Greens gave me the idea (which I still haven’t done!) to buy a stone bread pan that will bake a ‘braided pattern’ onto the top of our Friday-night challah bread…since we still haven’t found a GF recipe that we can braid! Not quite as satisfactory as braiding, but I imagine that it would add a ‘little something special’ to it. 🙂

Kimberly, Lifetime Member

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