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HealingGarlicOn Wednesdays we celebrate well-ness with a different healthy tip, recipe, formula or inspiration each week!

A student at The Avicenna Institute asked today about raw garlic which inspired me to remember my favorite raw garlic dish. I immediately made a batch of it. This appetizer is so yummy and healing! The garlic clears your sinuses and your lungs as well as providing an anti-biotic effect. Garlic is also known to clear asthma attacks and reduce fevers and pain. The cumin is fantastic for the digestive system and helps reduce pain as well. As I still have some lingering join pain from the flu that will be nice. The best thing about this appetizer is that it is easy to make – because who wants to cook when they are ill?


1. Slice some tomatoes in a large bowl. Add to a second bowl – a few large spoons of raw garlic, a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of cumin.

2. Add some salt and mix the garlic mixture.

3. Combine the two mixtures. This tastes best when you cover it and let the tastes mingle together for an hour before eating it but I can rarely wait it smells so good!

My son smelled it and wanted some. He does not like tomatoes so he dipped some crackers in it – his evaluation – “this is awesome!”

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  1. This sounds so good. I am going to buy tomatoes tomorrow and make some. I have several children who will love it. Thanks for the recipe. We had the cough, soar throat, and congestion recently and the garlic will help get over the last

    Jaelene Huffman

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