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Monday Meditation

After 19 years of taking nature walks with my children, self and friends I felt like I was a bit of an expert.  I had learned how to forage and find herbs and had even taken two years of tracking classes so I could see animal signs. We experienced nature walks amazing ways! Then I took a walk last week with a professional wildlife tracker.

On my walking trail he pointed out things I had never seen before. He showed me how I could tell that one of the does I see eating foliage every day on my walk was pregnant and the other one, which must have been a young one, was not. He showed me how one looked like she was more likely to have twins than just one fawn. When I stopped to take a picture of a Woodchuck he spotted he told me about what it was probably doing and how that was where the baby woodchucks were most likely kept. He was probably right. I did hear that woodchuck at the same place every day. But it was not until he came along for the walk that I actually got my first glimpse of it.

My eyes were opened even more. I saw more than I ever imagined and the place that was an adventure every day was even more of an adventure last week!

How would you like to do the same thing with your student’s or your own educational experience? I know some days I feel the same way about teaching and learning that I do about nature walks – I have been doing it for years, I have researched it, gone to all the Pinetrest boards, read all the BLOGS and I know what I am doing. In my case I even have a few degrees. What more could anyone add to our experience?

Working with other teachers (Waldorf, Handwork, Public School, Private School, Health Care Practitioners) the past twenty years has taught me – a lot! And last week’s experience reminded me –

No matter what we think we know – another person’s perspective – especially one with the depth of experience these teachers and professionals have can help you to see things you never saw before and can help enrich your student’s or your own educational experience.

This week’s Monday Meditation encourages you to reflect on finding someone or something that can enrich and deepen you or your student’s educational experience.

In fact, I would love to share my own mentors and inspirational teachers with you!  I invite you to join our growing community of Earthschoolers around the world and learn from our team of teachers as well as my own 18 years of Waldorf inspired teaching experience or join our growing classroom of students at The Avicenna Institute and deepen your knowledge about natural therapies.


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