How Can I Teach Spanish Using the Earthschooling Curriculum?

This question and reply are taken from the Member Facebook Forum:

Question from Member: My daughter is in first grade this year. I want to add in a foreign language, I don’t think Earthschooling curriculum has a Spanish language curriculum? I found one online that is Waldorf based called Sonrisas Spanish but very expensive! Thank you!

Reply from Earthschooling: Earthschooling does not offer specific language curricula as each one is a highly specialized program within itself. We usually recommend using Jennifer Tan’s book “Language in the Dell (AKA: “Teaching a Second Language”) available on the Teacher Support page along with the series “(language) in Ten Minutes a Day” (example here:…/dp/1931873305/ref=sr_1_1…) This series is also available with a CD. Using these two resources you easily put together lessons because the “10 Minutes a Day” book presents the lessons in nice small sessions each day. All you have to do is “Waldorfize” them based on Jennifer’s recommendations, the Spanish verses from Earthschooling (on the Cultural Enrichment Page) and perhaps even using the Spanish MLB from Hannah as an example as well so you can see how the lessons will look in the MLB.

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