Music Therapy for the Holidays

You have probably heard the term “Musical Therapy” or are familiar with the idea that music can heal. However, did you know how easy it can really be? In its basic form, it is something very simple that everyone can do for free at home. The chart below tells you which sound you should hum and which note you should hum it in for each of the body systems you are dealing with.

If you have a tuning fork at home it is best for you to hold the tuning fork to that area of the body so you can feel the vibrations of the note. Another good “trick” is to fill a glass with water so it vibrates to the note you need. After clinking a fork on the side of the glass a few times you can drink the water that was in the glass.

Some more simple ways to enjoy the healing power of the notes below is to visit a website like Online Tuning Fork and simply enjoy the sounds of each note. There are also apps that will allow you to listen to healing notes or sounds. Some possible Apps that you might enjoy are: MyNoise, ChakraChime, ChakraTuner, or The Tuning Fork.

Last, but not least, singing songs you are already planning to sing in a certain manner can help. The first method is to choose the note that you hold or sing in the refrain most often according to the healing note you need from the chart below. The second method is to start the song using the note you need from the guide below. The third method is to sing the song and focus on the area of the body you need to heal while singing. You can also hold your right hand over that area of the body at the same time.

Healing Notes Chart

Crown Chakra (Head) – ngngng – B

Brow – mmm nnnn – A

Throat – eeeeeeee – G

Heart – ay – F

Solar Plexus – ah ah ah – E

Sacral – oooooo – D

Root/Base – oh oh oh – C


If you want to learn more about natural healing remember to visit The Avicenna Institute and browse our natural therapy classes.

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