My Favorite Acorn Craft

As you all know we have a million acorns in our front yard (yes, even after sending out over 1000 of them to friends online). So in my quest for more acorn crafts I came across a wonderfully simple and fun craft to make with the acorns. I have to admit this kept us occupied for at least an hour – we made many of them and had a “contest” to see how many we could get to spin at the same time. These really work as well as any top I’ve purchased from any store and they are much more fun because you make them yourself. The kids were wide-eyed when I showed them what “magic” acorns could do! Aparently this was a popular toy many years ago because I found the instructions for this on a lot of sites.

To make these adorable little toys –

1. Get a nice acorn with no cracks

2. Drill a small hole in the top with a hand-drill (or you could use a nail and hammer gently?)


3. Stick a half of a match-stick in the top (NOW I have a use for all those used matches!

4. Spin, spin, spin it around.

5. Giggle

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