New Affiliate Program at The BEarth Institute (Earthschooling & The Avicenna Institute)

How to Register as a BEarth Institute Affiliate & Use Your Affiliate Number

By Affiliate Anne Marie

Note from Kristie: This new system tracks better than our previous system, is more sophisticated and gives you automatic payouts – you do not need to wait for us to pay you or worry about manual tracking. You can access your sales information any time and receive all your payments automatically. You are paid 15% for any curriculum related sales and 6% of any book related sales.

1.Registering as an Affiliate

(For anyone who is not an Earthschooling member or has not made an order on the website before you will need to create a sign in first)

If you are already an Earthschooling member or have made an order on the website before and wish to have the same sign on and password then log in  first.  Using your existing sign on and password is the simplest approach.

Once signed in as a member:

  1. Click on the JOIN tab (on the top far right)
  2. Click on the AFFILIATE AREA (second on the list)
  3. Fill out the form “Register As A New Affiliate” using your existing information and click REGISTER:

You will see this…



Register a new affiliate account

Once registered, the new affiliate number and link will automatically be generated and displayed on the screen. A welcome email with the same affiliate number and link will also be provided.

Now you are ready to use the new affiliate link!

This link can be copied and pasted onto a website or in an email to a potential customer.


2.Using the Affiliate Area Dashboard

There are 2 ways to access the Affiliate Dashboard to check on the progress of your affiliate account:

A) Log in as a member.

Click on the JOIN tab (on the top far right).

Click on the AFFILIATE AREA (second on the list).

The system will automatically recognize you as an affiliate and take you to the dashboard.

B) Go to the site.

Click on the JOIN tab (on the top far right).

Click on the AFFILIATE AREA (second on the list).

Login using the affiliate information.

Scroll down to the affiliate login section which looks like this:

Log into your account. You will see this…

Once logged in using either option 1 or 2 you will see the various tabs in your affiliate dashboard.  The screen will look like this except that your affiliate number will be different than the sample one I used:



Welcome to your affiliate area. From here you can get your unique affiliate link, banners to promote The BEarth Institute and Earthschooling and access reports and payout information.










Affiliate URLs

Your affiliate ID is: 29
Your referral URL is:

(This is not where you will send people. You want to send them to the shop or to a direct product)

Referral URL Generator

Enter any URL from this website in the form below to generate a referral link!

3.Using your Affiliate URL

You can simply give anyone your affiliate URL to the shop (above sample is my number – you will want to use your number instead) and any purchases they make on the website will be credited to you. You can also post this affiliate Url on your website, social media, newsletter and/or blog. If you want to mention certain products or see additional information keep reading.

Customers are more likely to make a purchase when you provide them with a direct link to their product. These links are easy to create using the page/method above.

The various tabs (see above) will give you detailed information on your sales, earnings, payouts and more. The bottom half of the dashboard screen is very useful for creating direct links to products within Earthschooling you would like to promote. Direct links can simply be created by:

A. Visiting the site in a new window on your device while your affiliate dashboard is signed into and open in an existing window.

B. Find the product you would like to promote.

C. Copy the URL of this product.

D. Paste the URL into the Page URL box of the dashboard page.

E. Give it a campaign/promotion name if you like.

F. Click GENERATE URL and a unique link to the preferred product with your affiliate number will be generated!

G. Copy this unique link and paste it onto your website or email ready for promotion.

H. Then happily track your sales!

I. You will receive an e-mail each time a sale is made so you can keep track of your sales. We also receive a copy of this e-mail so we can make a payment to you as soon as possible (within the week).

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