New Directions in Education

New Directions in Education

I am sharing this letter with permission from author Howard Schrager, the founder of LemonTree Press and one of our Waldorf Books partners. You can order his books by following the links in this newsletter or by clicking the button under his photo to the right. He also invites you to visit his New Directions in Education blog.

LemonTree Press is dedicated to producing books which are entertaining and engaging to children, but which, beyond this, provide gateways into areas of traditional academic learning.

LemonTree Press mission statement

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Dear Friends,

It is now 40 years since I began my involvement with Waldorf education. Over this time I have never lost my appreciation for the boundless inspiration it provides. In this time of rethinking the social, economic and political underpinnings of our society, more than ever its insights provide a means of enlivening the educational experience for our greatest resource, our children.

I have witnessed how this approach, teaching through art, enlivens children, bringing out the best in them, adding depth to the term, to educate. For my part, I have published a number of books, which, I feel, embody best practices and principles of Waldorf education; teaching what is otherwise academic, creatively. I would be very happy if you visited my website for LemonTree Press:

By clicking on BLOG at the top of the LemonTree Press website you will arrive at where I discuss various aspects of Waldorf education through my own experiences.

I would like to highlight my latest book, King Maximo and the Number Knights. In it, I treat the archetypal qualities of the numbers 1-12. The story stimulates an interest in math and its deep relationship to nature,far beyond the traditional functions of arithmetic. It truly ‘sets the table’ for subsequent math and scientific studies.

I also invite you to explore my Riddle Rhymes. Riddle Rhymes are an activity that is truly enjoyable, and educational, in a different sort of way. Best of all, they provide a level playing field, where all ages can play together.

Finally, I would be most grateful if you would forward this email on to those friends who are particularly interested in New Directions in Education.

With best wishes,


Riddle Rhymes

Chicken in the Car and the Car Can’t Go

A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork

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LMNOP and all the Letters A to Z: Hardcover

Working with LMNOP

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Math Stories

King Maximo and the Number Knights, Second Edition: Hardcover

Sarah and the Number Knights


Download Math Story Samples HERE

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