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Seasonal Waldorf Books Titles for Early Childhood

Season’s greetings, I’m Mosi from Waldorf Books, and today I’ll be featuring a couple seasonal titles for early childhood: Winter, Awake! and My First Root Children. Winter, Awake! is written by Linda Kroll and illustrated by Ruth Lieberherr. I’m highlighting this book because I feel like autumn and winter aren’t celebrated...
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Diversity in Waldorf Education

Waldorf Books Diversity Section by Kristie Burns Earthschooling, that just recently became a sister company to Waldorf Books, was built on a foundation of diversity. I taught classes that included children from over 14 different countries and represented over six different religions, in a country where there were only three...
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Why I’m So Excited About the Spiritual Syllabus/Golden Beetle Books

As you have already read in this post here, Earthschooling has taken over publishing and distribution rights to the Spiritual Syllabus of Alan Whitehead, also known as Golden Beetle Books. Many of you may already know that within this collection of 54 books is a subset of what has been...
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Introducing Waldorf Teacher Colin Price and Six NEW Books!

We are so excited to be introducing Colin Price & Songbird Press to our collection of Waldorf books for our members and new customers! This collection is now EXCLUSIVE to Earthschooling – you will not find these books anywhere else. Note: All Lifetime Family Curriculum Members have these books included...
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Book Review: How to Bake Pi: Inspiration for Teachers/Parents

In Waldorf education math for a first and second grader is a joyous experience. This continues through the lower grades with math being integrated into drawing, form drawing, art, hands-on activities, and handwork. However, as the children get older and the math becomes more challenging it becomes increasingly difficult to...
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