Block Crayon Drawing

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In this video, one of our Waldorf teachers, Diane Power, shows Earthschoolers how to teach children to use block crayons to make an endless number of colorful and creative block crayon drawings. Diane teaches you everything you need to know about block crayons including how to hold the crayon, which direction to draw, how to choose color, how to create suitable borders, the physical movement-brain benefits of how the picture is drawn, the basics of drawing people, the basics of drawing animals and the basics of drawing trees and plants. Diane also approaches the topic of mistakes, how to approach this with children, and invaluable advice on how to change our view of them.  This video is available (this listing) in the shop at on the Teacher Support Page or comes for free with the Earthschooling Teacher Support Package or Earthschooling Lifetime Family Curriculum.


Block Crayon Basics: Sample