Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level 1

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This purchase includes: 4 ‘level one’ videos and one PDF with stories. These videos are exclusive to Earthschooling and cannot be found on any other website.

The skills the teacher learns in this four-part video set will be used in all grades. In addition, instructions for modifying the drawings in the videos are included so you can create endless variations on each picture. Specific topics cover drawings that can be used in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second, third and fourth grade. Topics include: Exercises in one color, drawing an apple and other circular objects, animal forms, the alphabet, exercises in figures and primary colors, and beginning landscapes.

Each video in this series is a different length: Tutorial One (has four videos)

PDF Guide
#1: 15 minutes, 34 seconds
#2: 13 minutes, 32 seconds
#3: 10 minutes, 19 seconds
#4: 11 minutes, 54 seconds

In Level One the teacher and student will learn about:

  1. Sides of crayons, color and value
  2. How to shade with block crayons
  3. How every child can be an artist
  4. The Waldorf method of creating a shapes from the inside out
  5. The importance of how edges differ from lines
  6. Lines & value and how to create a shape from the outside in
  7. How to add details with block crayons
  8. Discipline in Art
  9. Paper direction and names of sides
  10. Using primary colors in Waldorf block crayon drawing
  11. Starting with color from the inside out and the outside in
  12. Telling a story about the color
  13. How to create the ideal frame
  14. How to effectively blend & mix colors
  15. How to create a human body
  16. How to use edging techniques to add finishing touches
  17. Expand your knowledge of value and color
  18. Edging skills for definition
  19. Creating animal forms
  20. Using block crayons to teach the Waldorf alphabet lesson
  21. Creating an effective background
  22. Adding features to a landscape
  23. Space on the paper & how to communicate space
  24. How to draw buildings
  25. How to add details to buildings & create the perception of ’roundness’
  26. How to create bodies of water & foliage to landscapes
  27. How to layer colors
  28. How to add backgrounds to landscapes
  29. How to create mountains using special shading techniques
  30. How to create trees using growth, value, space & color

This video also comes with four stories and a PDF outline with a list of skills, exercises, techniques and extra tips and ideas. This video set comes free with your purchase of the Family Lifetime Curriculum Package or the Teacher Support Package. You can see a short sample here:


Block Crayon Tutorials: Level One: Sample