Hathor the Moon Cow: Sex and Family Education: Digital Edition

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Hathor the Moon Cow: Sex and Family Education

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*The Family *Sex Education, Past & Present *Physiology of Sex *Sex as Allegory *Cycle of Life *Art of Sex *Morality of Sex *Heritage of Sex *A Sex Saga *Sex as Spirit *Sex in Evolution *Sex and Babies *A Sex Syllabus *The Under-7s *Funny Side of Sex *Angels of Sex *Tragedy of Sex *Sex and Teachers *Home Birth *Death of a Child *Panning Pornography *Tributes to my Mother and Father

Dear Alan, Thank you for the books. “A Steiner Homeschool?” has answered everything I’ve ever wanted to know about homeschooling! The books have given me so much inspiration! – Alex Lange, Cannonvale, Queensland, Australia.

Author: Alan Whitehead


Note: This book has been edited and updated by Social Work Master Student Mosi Mandil. It largely remains the same as Alan’s ideas were very progressive for his time. However, she has added additional resources for readers based on a recent class she took on human sexuality in 2019. These extra resources include video resources as well as website and organizational references. 

Read more about the Spiritual Syllabus/Golden Beetle Books and Alan Whitehead HERE.

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STAGE 3: Final Digital Edition: ($25.00):We create an official digital edition of the book that looks exactly like the print edition. This book has been updated to reflect modern & inclusive  language. Grammar has also been updated. We may also add some extra photos, supporting content, and comments.

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Read more about the Spiritual Syllabus/Golden Beetle Books and Alan Whitehead HERE.

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