Let’s Talk: Sex Education for Waldorf Students: Digital Edition

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Rick Tan, MA wrote this eBook for teachers/parents to have a gentle foundational resource for G7 basic reproduction in Waldorf style. Human reproduction is taught from a very scientific and holistic place and incorporates the 4 Elements, proper names of male/female anatomy, and a very thorough and straight-forward teaching of puberty. Straight-talk and how to approach this is discussed as well as the importance of openness and honesty and developing a healthy self-awareness. Woven throughout the eBook is poetry, Main Lesson suggestions, activities, and even a Rite of Passage Celebration for your child. Mr. Tan has included an Appendix containing resources to complete this block.

Although these lessons are usually presented in grades 6, 7, 8 in the Waldorf classroom, we recommend this resource for parents with younger children so that they are prepared as questions arise. We have had feedback that parents with grades 2-5 really appreciate the information.