Homeopathic Course: High School Edition

USD $550.00

This class is for high school students interested in delving deeper into the science of homeopathy. For high school credit purposes this course is considered a course in scientific method and measurement. There is no student lounge or live interactions with this course.

Credit Hours: 327; 603: Introduction to Homeopathy – 35 Credits; 603A: Basic Case Taking – 35 Credits; 603B: Advanced Case Taking – 45 Credits; 603C: Constitutional Cases – 35 Credits; 603D: Sample and Interactive Cases – 35 Credits; 604: History of Homeopathy – 12 Credits; 604A: Historical Recipes for Homeopathic Support – 35 Credits; 604B: Basic Case Taking – 12 Credits; 604C: Commonly Used Historical Remedies & Materia Medica – 48 Credits; 604D: First Aid in Homeopathy – 35 Credits. 



The principle of “like can cure like” was the basis of Homeopathy through history. The principles and practice of Homeopathy have remained largely unchanged since its introduction some 200 years ago. Students in this course start by learning the basics and some of the more common homeopathic supports used today. Students then continue on to master more advanced concepts in homeopathy such as advanced case taking, homeopathic constitutions, interactive cases, preparations, first aid and more. 

This course is not included in the Earthschooling High School Package.