How to Create Main Lesson Books

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“I just finished watching the How to Create a Main Lesson Book videos in the Teacher Support Package, and they are great! Thank you so much for providing them.” – Karen Wright, Earthschooling Member

This amazing three-part video series takes you through the creation of a main lesson book from first through eighth grade. Waldorf teacher Diane Power shares her own main lesson books and describes the teaching process that went into each one. She covers the following topics and more in this video series:

*How to choose a book & how to open it.
*Creating borders & their importance
*Pacing and the main lesson book
*Why the student creates a main lesson book
*Teaching techniques for the main lesson book
*Frequently asked questions about main lesson books
*How to fix mistakes
*How to decide if the lesson should be modeled or student created
*Teaching writing to first through third graders
*Artistic -vs- scientific drawings
*Creating more accurate maps
*Using rulers and other tools
*How much time to spend on the main lesson book
*How to decide when the lesson is “done”
*Choosing a picture from the story
*Working with multiple grades

…and so much more!