Raising Chickens as Education (Even in the City)

Sofi+and+her+chickHi! I am sharing this report with you that I did about my new chicken. The only problem is that she does not have a name. My brother and sister have names for their chickens but I can’t think of a name for mine. Can you help me? Post your names at the bottom here. Be sure to include your name or e-mail so we can contact the winner to the list and you will know who you are 🙂 And if you have any information about chickens to share with me please post it here too. Thank you! – Sofi

Australorp Chickens

Some people think the Australorp hen was developed in Australia from Orpington chickens other say they are the original Orpington they are known for the many eggs they lay in fact one year an Australorp hen made the record of laying 364 eggs in 365 days that’s almost an egg a day! They are very active birds and they’re eggs are tinted brown they’re feathers are original black but when in the sun you may be able to see a hint of green and purple people will sometimes call them lorps for a nickname the name is an abbreviation for Australian black orpington and was claimed by Mr. W Cook who claimed they were the original black orpington Not all chickens can lay eggs in the winter but this chicken can lay eggs from below 0 whether to the high 80s they’re feathers are tipped white until they mature around 5-6 month’s which is how long it takes the hen to lay eggs when they get bigger they will eat just about any green,(they love lettuce),pasta ,slugs ,and instead of swallowing water they let it run down their throats on rainy days they enjoy digging in mud for worms they can live 6-8 years and since they don’t have teeth instead of chewing food in their mouths and swallowing it they eat some food then a rock and the rock will chew the food while in its stomach

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