Seasonal Waldorf Books Titles for Early Childhood

Season’s greetings,

I’m Mosi from Waldorf Books, and today I’ll be featuring a couple seasonal titles for early childhood: Winter, Awake! and My First Root Children.

Winter, Awake! is written by Linda Kroll and illustrated by Ruth Lieberherr. I’m highlighting this book because I feel like autumn and winter aren’t celebrated as much as spring and summer. It starts to get colder and darker, and it’s easy to overlook the beauty and value of this part of the year. I think this book really portrays the seasonal transition well— helping us to continue connecting with the rhythm of the year— and speaks of a possibility less appreciated time of year.

It’s a story of seasonal change composed in verse, which is always appealing to the young child. Autumn is nearing its end and all of nature’s living things know that when the transition is finally complete and winter awakens, they can rest. Students in early childhood can certainly relate to the feeling of impatience! You can see from the cover that this book is full of vibrant colors and beautiful artwork.

Alternately, My First Root Children by Sibylle von Offers illustrates the awakening of springtime. It is the board book adaptation of Root Children by the same author. I chose this book because it has similar themes to Winter, Awake!and of course is populated with Mother Earth’s adorable little babies. I also like board books for the early childhood period because they’re more durable, and this one doesn’t compromise artistry or charm with the adaptation. The sometimes less-than-gentle little ones can enjoy a classic story independently— and that can be very empowering for younger children who always want to be doing what the older kids or grown ups are doing!

These are just two examples of over 100 titles from our Seasonal & Festival Books section at You’ll find a book for every season whether you’re in the Northern or Southern hemisphere! You can explore poem collections, songbooks, folk tales, and even plays that center your child or student in the year.

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Waldorf Books

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