Space Clearing for Better Health and Homeschooling

Although we often hear the term “spring cleaning” one should actually do a “space clearing” of their living and working space at least once a month (or at least once a quarter). Just as we should do a detoxification of our bodies once a month (or at least once a quarter) we should also detoxify the space we live in.

With the popularity of modern detoxification programs most of us are familiar with what happens when we don’t detox. Our bodies become stagnant, backed-up and unhealthy. We are unable to digest our food as well, think clearly or even sleep as well. Our body is unable to eliminate toxins and thus we become “toxic” and may become ill. The same thing can happen with the space we live and work in. A space that has not been cleansed regularly (or recently) will prevent the smooth flow of ideas. It will not invite or encourage enthusiasm and creative thought and it may even interfere with our intentions for that space. We usually do a good space clearing before a holiday and one again, after a holiday. Here are some instructions for a basic space clearing:

Burn some sage or an essential oil (to cleanse all the imbalances/ impurities of spirit and mind out of the room) and add a unique touch to EACH room of your home. Put a new candle in your bathroom. Put some fresh fruit in your kitchen and put some fresh flowers in your livingroom. This is called “Space Clearing” and it is much like an environmental detox. Here are the instructions for an initial Space Clearing and weekly maintenece:

Initial Space Clearing and Weekly Maintenence

  1. Clean your home
  2. Put things where they belong
  3. Throw out anything and everything that you do not need.
  4. Take a ceramic or glass bowl and fill it half with sand. Make a little hole in the sand and fill it with sage leaves. Set them on fire and walk slowly around the house with your “sage fire” distributing the smoke. Concentrate especially on the corners and entryways of the rooms.
  5. Buy some fresh fruits – including at least one or two unusual ones and place them in a basket in your kitchen.
  6. Buy some fresh flowers. Place one boquet in your livingroom and one in your bedroom. Yellow is good for the bedroom. (if fresh flowers are too expensive for weekly. Buy two cheerful plants or two multi-bright-colored scarves and put them in these rooms)
  7. Buy (or unpack) an aromatherapy candle and place it in your bathroom. Burn it for two hours.
  8. Place a beeswax candle on your diningroom table with a small houseplant (Such as a baby cactus or flowering or green plant – whatever appeals to you).
  9. Play some classical music, harp music, flute music, native American music, Enya or something like that for at least an hour. You don’t even have to listen to it. Just let the music flow around the house.

In general – create a beautiful perfect world for people to come into and invite them in. Don’t let people (clients, candle selling, boyfriend, daughters, friends) come in and create or change the atmosphere of your home. You control it. If someone comes and leaves a bad “impression” on your home or you have a fight or a serious discussion. Burn the aromatherapy candles, burn some sage, buy some more fresh flowers and re-new YOUR space that you control.

An initial space clearing may take a few days. However, when well maintained, spaces do not take a long time to “cleanse” after that. If clearing the entire house seems too overwhelming then at least start with the areas you use the most and make sure you burn the sage or oils in ALL areas of the home (even if they are not cleansed before).

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