Add inspiration, peace, joy and a little magic to any room in your house with a spirit animal print by Kristie Burns of BEarth Images. Prints are available in all sizes from 4″ x 4″ to 30″ x 60″. You can choose regular prints, fine art, framed, metal, wall peels, or canvas prints. You can even send any of the prints below as an e-card.

50% of the profits from sales are donated to preserve wildlife habitat. The remaining 50% of the profits are used to continue this project. Thank you for your support! 


I believe that wildlife can only thrive in a world where we retain a sense of wonder and closeness with the natural world around us and pass this relationship to our children, friends, and family. My goal is to inspire others to deepen their relationship with nature and the natural world through EarthschoolingWildlife Education, Photography Class, participation in the Earthschooling365 project (see below) and gifting their home with wildlife prints that have a story and a direct relationship with the viewer. These unique prints are not just “snapshots” – they represent the special relationship the photographer has with the subject through hours of observation and relationship-building. Each print is a unique experience. As you look at the print you will connect with both the wildlife and the photographer for a unique viewing experience. These prints are ideal for a child’s play area, a child’s room, a classroom, an office, or even a living area or kitchen – anywhere you want to add a little magic and wonder.


Each image in the gallery below is watermarked with “BEarth Images”. However, the print that you order will, of course, be a high quality image without the watermark. If you have any questions please e-mail Kristie at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com. For the best viewing experience click on one image and then click the arrow to scroll through the rest of the images in the series.

Sometimes the galleries below may show as “Under Construction” when being updated. If you have come here to buy a print and cannot enter the galleries you can use the purchase page HERE instead.

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