Teaching Spanish Waldorf Style

Member Question: How do you teach Spanish language using the Waldorf concept? I looked around online, and the only thing I found is a reference to a book, “Andando Caminos” by Elena Forrer. Any ideas teaching and introducing Spanish to elementary children. I tutor Spanish to English speaking children and I rely on Bilingual videos on YouTube and worksheets. I would love to use Waldorf techniques with the children.

Reply from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: In the first grade language class, everything is learned by listening, group repetition, and continual recitation, an approach we might call “oral-choral.” The children are not exposed to any foreign language writing for the first two to three years. Ideally, English is not used at all, or as little as possible. The teacher needs to create a living language environment by building with the class a varied repertoire of verbal resources which the children listen to, recite, sing, or use in games. To assist the children in comprehending what would otherwise be unintelligible sounds, the teacher adds a variety of visual images in the form of gesture, mime, pictures, and any kind of props that would convey meaning.” There are some sources you can use below:

Waldorf Association of America: Tips on Teaching Foreign Language

A Creative Approach to Foreign Languages for Waldorf Teachers

Learning Spanish Through Songs and Poems: Video from a Waldorf School

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