The Healing Power of Giving

Does the holiday season find you giving gifts, hosting meals and donating to  charity. Do you feel worn out from giving so much? Are people telling you that you need to take care of yourself more?

You can actually turn all this “giving energy” into healing energy for yourself with five simple tricks.

1. It is the way you give and not how much you give that is the difference between vibrant and poor health. For someone who has been giving many years some habits can be hard to break and can often be traumatic to break so channelling the habits into something more healing can often be an alternate solution.

For example, I tend to be too active and not sit down enough so I started knitting so that I would be doing something relaxing and healing for me but I didn’t have to deal with the “need to be active”. The items I knit can be gifted to others. This is a small example to show you that the solution for an individual is not always to change what they are doing (some practitioners tell people “take more time for yourself” which is a really difficult and vague statement) but to adapt what they naturally do to something that helps them.

2. Contrary to popular opinion, people who give a lot can be gifting themselves as well. I find that after I do a consulting session with a client that I am actually more relaxed than at any other time in my week. This is simply because I am completely focused on the moment when I am doing consulting. As you give time and energy this holiday season focus only on the task you are doing at each moment to achieve maximum relaxation.

3. Your level of healing may also depend on what you give just as much as how you give. A giver may need to do more volunteer work in the community to feel better. Another person may need to do less volunteer work and more physical giving. Try to pinpoint if you feel better giving time, physical touch, positive support or gifts. Once you figure out what your “giving joy” is you will find that you are more relaxed and happy when you focus on the giving that gives you the most joy.

4. To create a healing energy a giver must also choose to give in the places that inspire them the most. One person may feel a calling to work with gangs or homeless teenagers while others may feel a calling to assist elderly people who need company or someone to help them read or write letters.

5. Don’t be scared to receive in return. When the people you are giving to say “thank you”, don’t reply, “it was nothing.” Reply with a “you’re welcome.” When someone wants to hug you or give you a gift in return allow yourself to feel the joy from that action and thank the person for their return gift.

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