Thursday Thoughts: Are You Being Intimidated by Hype?

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Are You Being Intimidated by Hype?

Don’t be intimidated by hype.

I hear a lot of people posting/saying, “Oh, I just started eating healthier and I felt better/lost weight naturally.”

But that often doesn’t work for people who already eat a healthy diet. People with an established healthy lifestyle may even be bombarded with this message and sometimes shamed about their way of eating.

I’ve heard people (even practitioners) imply that if a person doesn’t feel good or if they are not losing weight that they just must not be eating healthy whole foods – they must be lying. Our society tends to embrace “one solution for everyone” methods because they are enticingly simple.

However, one universal solution is not for everyone. I’ve been eating healthy for many years. I know vegetarians who eat healthy and who then fell ill, are dealing with major health issues, or gained weight. The day I took this photo my daughter and I ate more than generous servings at this raw vegan restaurant and I almost got sick because of my grain/gluten intolerance.

If you are eating a horrible diet of fast food and junk food and switch to whole foods then YES, this “idealistic” diet method initially works. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that is all you need to do or feel shamed because it is not working for you.

Eventually you will need to connect with your own personal journey. One size does not fit all. Feeling healthier and losing weight results from a combination of exercise, calories consumed, types of foods consumed, time of day they are consumed and attention to any existing health issues, allergies or food intolerances.

You also need to consider time of year, stress levels and even your temperament (

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