Thursday Thoughts: Are You Motivated by Fear or Love?

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Are You Motivated by Fear or Love?

Motivate yourself with love!

Motivate yourself with love! You may think you already do this but you will be surprised at how little you actually do. Ask yourself – Is my journey motivated by love or fear? Why am I making this decision?

Fifteen years ago I read “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek and although the book was very complex the most powerful thing he said in the book that has stayed with me since is, “Are you motivated by fear or love?” In my parenting I realized a lot of what I told my kids was because I was FEARFUL of them making the same mistakes I had made as a kid. In my relationships I realized I often acted based on a FEAR that someone would not like me if I didn’t act a certain way.

So over the past 15 years I ask myself this question. It has helped me learn more to be motivated by love rather than fear but I’m still working on it because we were raised to be motivated by fear by our parents and the school system. Modern news media and social media motivates us with fear and all advertising is fear based (The FEAR of being unlikeable, not fitting in, not looking good enough, not dressing well, etc).

So this journey of mine? I make sure I stay motivated by my LOVE of having fun with my kids (they take the photos), love of dressing up, love of sharing with others, and love of feeling vibrant and healthy every day! No fear allowed!

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