Thursday Thoughts: Awareness of Culture and Body Image is Powerful

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Awareness of Culture and Body Image is Powerful

We often don’t even realize how much our body image is related to our culture.

To help you see this more clearly I will share with you some of the reasons that I had poor body image when I was younger. One reason was I couldn’t get my hair to lay perfect with the perfect amount of hairspray without one piece out of place like in the advertisements in the teen magazines at that time. Today, of course, that hairstyle would be seen as absurd.

Other students called me names because I was so skinny you could see my bones. It was because I ran cross country but I felt inadequate because I didn’t have a “figure.” Today, this body type is very popular. Back then it was not.

So I read every magazine I could to find out how I could be “more beautiful.”

They gave me advice like, “never wear red if you have red hair,” and “don’t wear horizontal stripes – they will make you look fat,” or “get contacts – glasses are not attractive.”

So today I am wearing glasses, horizontal stripes, and red with red hair because my confidence is fine now – and I’ve learned my lesson.

Beauty is not about hairspray and horizontal stripes. And in the “culture” I’ve created for myself anything goes as long as it makes me happy to wear it.

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