Thursday Thoughts: Finding Your Weight Loss Catalyst

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Finding Your Weight Loss Catalyst

If part of your healing journey is losing weight then find your “special catalyst” for greater success.

Everyone has one.

When I was in my twenties all I had to do when I noticed my weight increasing was to start running about 15 minutes a day. The pounds would drop off so quickly it was amazing.

In my 30s that stopped working as well but I discovered I could lose the baby weight (from my third child) by simply increasing the protein and vegetables in my diet and decreasing starches. Losing the baby weight was effortless.

In my 40s, things changed again. To feel healthier and lose weight I had to completely cut out dairy and gluten. I am actually eating 300-400 calories more each day than I was when I gained the weight and I’m not even exercising as much.

We will see what the 50s bring…

All it takes is a little trial and error to find your “special catalyst.”

There are hundreds of different ways to eat. You could be vegan or vegetarian, you could follow a special diet plan or you could join a gym. The reason there are so many different ways to eat and follow a healthier lifestyle is because everyone has a different “special catalyst” and when they find that it feels so magical they want to share it with everyone.

The secret is then to find the method that matches with your body type, needs, desires and lifestyle.

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