Thursday Thoughts: Get to the Root of Issues

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Get to the root of your issues

People will often take OTC drugs or seek out prescriptions as a solution. But it is actually just as important to find out the cause of the issues as it is to find a solution. As an example let’s talk about lactose intolerance. There is a lot of talk about this in the natural health world today.

However, consider that you might be intolerant to milk itself. This is important to know because consuming something your body is intolerant to can adversely impact your health. For me, personally, milk causes the following symptoms: severe breakthrough bleeding, hot flashes, phlegm in the throat and coughing, severe digestive pain, itching on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands, and finally, sleep disturbances.

Most all of these, except for the digestive pain, are things I would not have expected to be related to milk at all. This means that for years I was consuming milk unaware that it was causing all these issues. I even went to health care professionals numerous times to try to solve the bleeding issue.

Make a list of the issues you are suffering from. Make this list over three days because, like most people, you have probably adapted to most of your discomforts and don’t even think about a lot of them anymore. But how would it change your life if you didn’t have them at all? What if you could trace some of these issues to a food intolerance? Many people can. Definitely consider this when modifying your eating habits for a healthier lifestyle.

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