Thursday Thoughts: Honor Yourself

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Your Path to Peace: Honor Yourself

Take some time at least a few times a week to dress up.

There are numerous scientific studies that show that how we dress impacts our mood and our confidence. Most of these studies were done to emphasize how important it is to dress well for an interview. But don’t you want to experience these benefits as often as possible and not just on special occasions?

I challenge you this week to choose at least three times where you will wear something that makes you feel pretty or something you enjoy wearing. No make up is necessary (I’m not wearing any in this photo) unless you feel you want to wear some. I will often dress up to go grocery shopping, see a movie or even to visit the zoo or botanical garden. I love to dress with a theme. So I might wear an outfit with animals or a purse with an animal on it for a visit to the zoo, for example.

And don’t forget those traditional opportunities you have to dress up. So many people come to the Civic Center, Opera, and Playhouse locally dressed in jeans or very casually. We always wear formal wear and I can’t tell you how many times we have not only been complimented on our attire but also been THANKED for doing so by the venue managers themselves – and even board members and directors. It makes the cast and crew feel more special too when someone makes an effort to look good while attending their show. “Dressing up” is a dying art in some ways. But don’t forget how good it can make you – and other people – feel!

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