Thursday Thoughts: How Can the “Feeling State” Help Your Wellness?

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How Can the “Feeling State” Help Your Wellness?

Sometimes we are scared of making changes because we think they will be very difficult.

Will I stop enjoying the State Fair?

Will I never eat ice cream again?

Will I not be able to go out with friends?

But if there are changes we really need to make and they make us feel better believe me you will be surprised how easy they are!

When I started realizing that every time I drink milk I got a stomachache and I started bleeding it became easy for me to give up milk – it wasn’t even an effort at all.

Over time your mind shifts from “general awareness” (of the issue) to “feeling.” Reaching the “feeling state” may require you learn a lesson over and over or experience pain or finally get tired of the consequences after many years.

You will know you have reached that state when looking at the item (for me, milk) will bring a vision of consequences and the feelings that come with them rather than a feeling of desire. That old feeling of desire has been replaced and this is what makes the changes so easy.

We assume that the desire we have now will always be there but it will change. An easy way to prove this theory is to measure your desire for sugar and then go three days without eating it. You will be surprised at how your desire for sugar is reduced to almost nothing.

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