Tuesday Tip: How Do You Decide What to Eat?

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How Do You Decide What To Eat?

What you are able to eat is decided by your body: What you choose to eat is decided by you. There are so many ways our bodies communicate with us. They tell us when we are hungry or full, when we overindulged, when we ate too much sugar, when we are thirsty, when we ate something we are allergic too, when we ate something we are intolerant of and even when we ate something bad.

I’m as guilt as anyone of ignoring some of those signals. Perhaps I’m not hungry but I really “feel” like having a treat. I know my body can’t tolerate ice cream but I’m willing to suffer the consequences.

Or a person might eat whatever they want and then depend on prescription or OTC medication to try to avoid the consequences. But the consequences are always there – even if we ignore them.

If we listen to our body more times than we ignore it we can be much healthier.

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