Thursday Thoughts: How to Change a Bad Habit

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How to Change a Bad Habit

To change a habit takes 30-40 Days. This number is found in so many healing traditions I feel it must definitely have some truth to it. I have also experienced this to be true. When I am able to change a habit or create a new routine it definitely starts to feel like second nature somewhere around the 30-40 day mark.

While I am trying to change the habit I feel frustrated and feel like it is taking forever. I’m a “I want results yesterday” kind of person. During this time it is often challenging. Sometimes I want to quit.

But when I trust in the process and give it 30-40 days it always works. So over time it has become easier. The month of work may present some challenges but knowing there is a “light at the end of the tunnel” gives me energy to go on. The meal pictured above is from one of my favorite whole-foods locally-grown restaurants.

When I first came back to the United States from living overseas I saw eating out as a “free-for-all” treat. However, now I only eat at places where the food and preparation reflect my own nutritional values.

This was a habit that was hard to change but now it seems so second nature that I have not even thought about it for years until I sat down to write this blog post right now.

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