Thursday Thoughts: If You Hear Hoofbeats Don’t Look for Zebras

For an introduction to my “Tuesday Tips and Thursday Thoughts” series please see the article “An Invitation to Embrace Your Journey and Follow Mine.”

These short thoughts/tips are meant to be a brief and efficient way to offer a quick touch of inspiration for the day.

The Solution is Really Simple

Just like this simple outfit works so do simple solutions with our well-being.

There is a saying in the medical profession, “If you hear hoofbeats don’t look for zebras.” 

However, it is amazing how little both medical and natural healing professionals forget this phrase. It seems everyone is always looking for the zebras in both the problem and the solution.

We often look for the most complex solutions to our problems and forget to try the simple ones first.

Do you know why magazine articles and advertisements celebrate the “amazing results” you can get with herbal complexes? Because you can’t patent an herb but you can patent a complex.

Often you can find the “one perfect” herb that can help you increase your well-being. You may not need anything complicated at all.

Some solutions are even simpler like drinking more water, getting enough sleep, getting enough movement in your day, avoiding negative relationships and avoiding repetitive movements in a daily basis.

Be sure to look for simple solutions first and then move out from there.

My daughter, Sofi, was having fun with me the day we took this photo. We took turns being “models.”

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