Thursday Thoughts: Mix-and-Match Cooking Magic

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Mix-and-Match Cooking Magic

Use Mix-and-Match Formulas for an easy way to eat healthier – no recipes or effort needed!

One thing that a lot of my clients have found frustrating in the past about embarking on a new way of eating is that they have had to learn a new way of cooking as well. Purchasing new cookbooks, learning new cooking skills, chopping a lot of vegetables and adapting to new flavors can be stressful but it doesn’t have to work that way.

A lot of my meals are made with “mix-and-match” formulas I discovered over the years. The way these work is that you mix one grain + one protein + one fruit or vegetable. Spice mixtures can be prepared ahead of time and mixed in or sprinkled on top. Some of my favorites are “rice – ground meat – sauce (can even be spaghetti sauce from a jar or chutney)” OR “gluten free bread (vary the kinds) + nut or seed butter (vary the kinds) + fruit (bananas, pineapple, etc)” OR “baked potato + steamed vegetable + any kind of beans (vary them) with flavoring through spices or grated vegan or regular cheese”.

The possibilities are endless. Make a list of your possible mix and match formulas and then vary the ingredients each time to make it more exciting. Using “mix-and-match” also allows you to accommodate people who may have different diets in your home (vegetarian and meat eater) or a person who may be a picky eater.

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