Thursday Thoughts: Some Surprising Ingredients You Might Find in Your Food

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Some Surprising Ingredients You Might Find in Your Food

What is the most surprising ingredient you have found when reading labels?

Always read labels very carefully and don’t assume anything.

I thought this lovely mango sorbet in a mango peel would be the perfect way to relax after a morning at the beach. The only problem is that I assumed the person labeling the product knew the definition of sorbet.

Sherbert has milk. Sorbet does not.

But this one did and it made me sick.

Just last week I made another surprising label discovery. I almost grabbed a homemade organic pie off the shelf. As far as I know pie has wheat (which I can tolerate in small doses), oil, perhaps a little butter and some fruit.

I was shocked and disappointed to find out ALL the pies at Whole Foods were made with soy. Who makes a pie with soy?

Since I am extremely sensitive to soy I couldn’t eat them. I never would have guessed someone would put soy in a pie, though. I almost didn’t read the label!

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