Tuesday Tip: Capture & Cherish Moments

For an introduction to my “Tuesday Tips and Thursday Thoughts” series please see the article “An Invitation to Embrace Your Journey and Follow Mine.”

These short thoughts/tips are meant to be a brief and efficient way to offer a quick touch of inspiration for the day.

Capture & Cherish Moments

Capture moments. While I was staying on Pine Island, FL my close friend Kathleen came to stay with me. She warned me that she is famous among friends & family for taking hundreds of photos.

She also had a disclaimer, “It may be overwhelming but everyone says they appreciate the photos later.”

She saw this wonderful mural & decided we all needed photos in front of it. She was right. It took some getting used to, stopping so often to take photos but it was also a wonderful example of focusing on the now & taking time to focus on the beauty around us. I hadn’t even given two glances to the mural before she pointed it out.

Now it is part of some of my best memories.

So don’t forget to take the time to capture small moments & notice the details around you. The act of doing this can enrich our memories and bring more significance to those small moments in life.

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