Tuesday Tip: Discover Your Meditation Method

For an introduction to my “Tuesday Tips and Thursday Thoughts” series please see the article “An Invitation to Embrace Your Journey and Follow Mine.”

These short thoughts/tips are meant to be a brief and efficient way to offer a quick touch of inspiration for the day.

Discover Your Meditation Method

Find something that makes you forget time and focus on the NOW

(photo taken by me with Canon 80D and 200mm lens). Photography, for me, makes time stop. I’m usually a multi-tasking, easily distracted, overly enthusiastic, extremely sensitive, always moving sort of person. But when I start taking photos something magical happens. I forget the weather or any pain or discomfort I have. I forget the world and all that exists for me in that moment is the subject.

My daughter recalls a day I was doing a project with her. The day was hot and long and finally I said, “I can’t even walk anymore. Let’s go home”. As I dragged myself slowly back to the car I suddenly saw an adorable groundhog and started snapping photos. Twenty minutes later she says to me, “you don’t seem so tired anymore.” I had literally forgotten everything for those 20 minutes and even my body was on another plane.

We laughed because I always do that when I have my camera. But nothing else (except when I do a consult with a client) can do that for me – not TV, not movies, not meditation (except occasionally the gong baths I attend), not exercise and not even games or parties.

So what does this for you? It may be something surprising and strange like taking photos of frogs and flowers for an hour. Knitting? Doing dishes? Gardening? Playing a video game? Yoga? Find at least one thing that does this for you and do it weekly. This intense form of “active meditation” is practiced in many cultures, is the basis of many spiritual paths and is very healthy!

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