Tuesday Tip: Find Your Personal Diet

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Find Your Personal Diet

Your reason for eating differently is perfect whatever it is.

If you tell people you are eating a special diet they assume it is about weight loss even if it is about health. I am completely happy with how I look now I don’t have any problems with it. If I did I probably wouldn’t choose to have fun playing “Instagram model” with my daughter.

However, according to all the advertisements I’ve seen for gyms, diet products and weight loss centers a person’s reason to be healthier is because they don’t like themselves. The ads always show unhappy “before” and happy “after”.

However everyone should be given the right to have their own personal reason for eating differently and/or losing weight. And those reasons don’t have to include unhappiness or be deep and profound. They could simply be because you want to share clothes with your sister or perhaps you simply can’t afford to buy another wardrobe.

I am on my healthy journey to feel better and have more energy every day but I’m also excited about the side effect of losing weight – not because I am unhappy with how I look now – but because the selection of clothes is more abundant the thinner you are and I like cute clothes  – I’m not going to make stuff up and say I am healthier because I’m losing weight (same health now as 20 pounds ago) or tell you I expect to live longer or have a better self image. None of that would be true.

I have felt better since the first day I changed my diet because I didn’t realize my food intolerances were so severe. But losing weight? That’s all about the cute clothes.

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