Tuesday Tip: Food and Mood

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Food and Mood

Take what you put into your body very seriously. There is more serotonin in the gut than in the brain so why don’t we take more seriously the connection between food and mood?

I’ve witnessed hundreds of “food-mood” connections with family, self and clients over the past 30 years. However, despite the scientific evidence of the food-mood connection (including many studies about serotonin and gut health) many people still turn to therapies like serotonin altering prescription drugs and serotonin balancing herbs to help them instead of tackling the issue at the root cause.

Before you turn to herbs or other therapies make sure you understand what the foods you are putting into your body are doing to your mood. This will allow you to transform your mood without other therapies or, it will at least, make other therapies more effective (for example your anti-anxiety therapies are not going to be as effective if you keep drinking 8 cups of coffee a day).

You can do this by keeping a food-mood journal for a few months. You may not be able to discover all the connections you need to in this short time but you will be off to a great start and your life could be transformed.

To get you started I’ve listed some connections I have:

  1. Wheat = anger
  2. Oatmeal = lack of motivation
  3. Milk = depression
  4. MSG, caffeine = anxiety
  5. Artificial colors = anxiety

Finding more connections can be a continuing life-long journey.

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