Tuesday Tip: Healing is a Process

For an introduction to my “Tuesday Tips and Thursday Thoughts” series please see the article “An Invitation to Embrace Your Journey and Follow Mine.”

These short thoughts/tips are meant to be a brief and efficient way to offer a quick touch of inspiration for the day.

Healing is a Process

Be patient. It can sometimes take a long time and the body can experience “healing crisis”.

Sometimes it can even feel like despite all the efforts you are making there is a monster trying to consume you in the background like in this photo.

It is normal to make mistakes along the way, it is normal to get tired of trying and take a break for a bit, it is normal for the body to experience past symptoms as you heal (the healing crisis) so don’t become discouraged.

We always envision a pathway to healing as a straight line but sometimes it is like a walk in the woods. We stop to discover new things, we step off the path into the darkness or perhaps even into a field of flowers.

But we keep moving and we embrace the journey.

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