Tuesday Tip: How “Embracing the Now” Heals

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How “Embracing the Now” Heals

Years ago I made a negative comment about myself to an older friend and she laughed, “Girl – in ten years you will look back on these pictures of yourself now and think you were gorgeous!”

We are so often critical of something about how we look or feel that we forget that this is the ONLY self we have now. I’ve worked with a lot of clients that are working towards feeling healthier, building muscle, smoothing wrinkles, growing their hair out, healing from a medical condition, understanding their temperament, or even losing weight. Most feel that to reach their goal they have to be unhappy with the way things are now (and yes, that is often a motivator) but there is no rule that says we can’t embrace, love and appreciate the now while also working towards our goals.

In fact most clients I have worked with are actually MORE successful in reaching their goals when they can learn to embrace the now and realize the gifts they have now while also working towards change. This positive attitude actually keeps them motivated and energetic. Another great side effect is that you feel SO GOOD in the now that the journey is enjoyable and fun.

Part of my journey is not only to repair my health after a year of damage, but also to lose weight simply because I can move more easily and feel more myself at a certain weight. But I’m not impatient because I already feel better health-wise (more energy, mood improved, sleep better and tons of motivation) and I’m having so much fun with fashion lately. I’m actually going to miss so many of these adorable clothes I’m already growing out of! I had to wear a belt with this skirt because it was a bit too big.

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