Tuesday Tip: How to Love Yourself During a Transition Period

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How to Love Yourself During a Transition Period

A recent client shared with me how she has not purchased any clothing for more than a year because she doesn’t like how she looks anymore and doesn’t feel she deserves to buy new things. She’s a beautiful woman and is actually a very small size.

This experience reminded me of one of my first consulting experiences when a woman came to me and described how much she hated herself and how much her family criticized her all the time. She said she wanted to change herself so her family would like her better.

When she started describing the problematic behaviors that were being rejected by the people around her I shared with her about the natural tendencies of her sanguine temperament (www.TheTemperaments.com) and how she could live the most healthy lifestyle possible.

Her life was transformed in one session because she was finally able to love herself in the now while also working on transformation.

Transformation is a healthy part of life there are always things we want to change or need to grow.

We can never escape transformation and change. However, we need to also love ourselves and the moment we are in now.

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  1. You ever had one of those days where you need a little help from the Universe and there it was as if the email was written just for you. Well this was it. You had me at the title. Thank you for writing this just for me today (wink). Thank you Universe.


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