Tuesday Tip: Is Illness Always Bad?

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Is Illness Always Bad?

Last year I spent some time in the woods living with black bears as part of field education course.

The main thing we learned is that living in harmony with black bears can be safe and beautiful. This is my foot next to the foot of a friendly 300 pound black bear.

Rethinking our stereotypes reminds me of when I first started studying traditional naturopathy – the first stereotype that went was that “illness is always bad.”

For example, we always think of fevers as “bad” but if we re-frame them and realize that they are good then we can be healthier.

A fever sends us a necessary message that something bad is going on in our body. Other symptoms, such as pain can often be a message for us to stop doing what we are doing before it gets worse. Next time you are sick take a moment to thank your body for letting you know and giving you the chance to find a solution.

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