Tuesday Tip: Is Your Well-Being Reality or Fantasy?

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Is Your Well-Being Reality or Fantasy?

Look outside of your “reality” for solutions.

My entire life I was told I was “only allergic to dust, cats, ragweed, molds, and a few other things”. I was also told I “must have hypoglycemia” even though a test never came back positive for it because I was constantly feeling low energy or faint after or in-between eating. My constant mood swings associated with food were also factored into that diagnosis.

30 years later it turns out everyone was wrong. I had been leading my life for years with those diagnoses as “reality” and putting up with the mild to severe symptoms I experienced on a daily or weekly basis as “managing”.

For the most part eating whole foods and taking some herbal teas and natural remedies helped manage those symptoms and I was happier and healthier. But then, two years ago, I became extremely ill and had to start this new journey. And now, after more than a year of research, reality has changed.

All those years it turns out I have simply had severe intolerances for dairy, gluten and nightshade vegetables (potatoes and tomatoes). Memories came flooding back within this new reality and I almost cried.

Once those were eliminated I was suddenly “cured” of all ills. I’m no longer managing them with natural remedies and feeling simply “good” – I’m actually COMPLETELY free of symptoms for the first time since I was a child and feeling simply “amazing and wonderful” without any remedies at all.

So don’t feel intimated or feel like it would be useless to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion on anything you are diagnosed with. Your “reality” may be a fantasy instead.

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