Tuesday Tip: Is Your Wellness Worth Waiting For?

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Is Your Wellness Worth Waiting For?

Good things are always worth waiting for.

Two years ago the zoo announced that everyone would be able to see their baby rhino for the first time. It was a weekday so I didn’t expect a crowd if I went right when they opened but there was. So I stood by the rhino enclosure for an hour with a couple enthusiastic adults and a couple kids in front of me. I thought they would never move.

Slowly, over three more hours they all left. After four hours my legs were sore and I was questioning why I was even waiting so long. Wasn’t it time to give up? I wasn’t seeing results yet. Perhaps nothing was going to happen.

Finally, after 4 1/2 hours things started happening and I got this photo which I will treasure forever.

When we don’t see results as quickly as we expect it is often easy to want to give up but we need to remember that good things are always worth the wait – and the timeline is often out of our control.

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