Tuesday Tip: Language and Well-Being

For an introduction to my “Tuesday Tips and Thursday Thoughts” series please see the article “An Invitation to Embrace Your Journey and Follow Mine.”

These short thoughts/tips are meant to be a brief and efficient way to offer a quick touch of inspiration for the day.

Language and Well-Being

Before we say a phrase to ourselves or others – even in a joking manner – we should ask, “Is this phrase uplifting or positive?”

There phrases we use daily that we might want to think twice about. Now that I’m 50 one of those phrases I hear a lot is “Oh it’s just because I’m just getting older.”

Sometimes that can be true. But I’m finding that most of the time it isn’t. Some health challenges may be a sign of something wrong in your body and they should not be ignored or passed of as “old age”.

Many of the health challenges I have now I’ve had since I was young. But for some reason I’m finally slowing down and taking the time to solve them instead of ignore them. So getting older can actually be good for your health too!

What other phrases can you think of that could mislead you in seeking well-being?

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