Tuesday Tip: Moving Beyond Anxiety

For an introduction to my “Tuesday Tips and Thursday Thoughts” series please see the article “An Invitation to Embrace Your Journey and Follow Mine.”

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Moving Beyond Your Anxiety

Anxiety is not always mental and/or because of events in the now. Because anxiety presents itself as an emotional response to a situation we often try to find emotional reasons for the anxiety. And when anxiety presents we often assume it is because of what is happening in the now.

However, to heal and balance ourselves we need to consider two other possibilities – physical reasons for anxiety and past triggers. Once we’ve identified some of the physical triggers for anxiety we have we can start to avoid those.

I always recommend starting with the physical triggers because those are the easiest to control. Some of my physical anxiety triggers are: any form of caffeine (even dark chocolate), foods I have an intolerance of (milk, wheat), things I am allergic too (cigarette smoke, perfumes), MSG, and artificial colors and flavorings.

The second thing to consider is past trauma. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD because of two past abusive relationships, previous additional traumas, three near-death experiences and being present during two terrorist attacks.

During the events themselves I was calm and composed. It was only weeks or even years later when anxiety and fear surfaced – perhaps because life was finally safe and calm so my mind felt it was finally safe to process the trauma. So when experiencing anxiety be sure to research more than just the “emotional connection in the now”.

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