Tuesday Tip: What Step Are You On?

For an introduction to my “Tuesday Tips and Thursday Thoughts” series please see the article “An Invitation to Embrace Your Journey and Follow Mine.”

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What Step Are You On?

When you are climbing a staircase do you feel sad that you are not at the top? Do you look back at the bottom with regret? Usually, you just simply notice, somewhere in the back of your mind, what step you are on.

So what step ARE you on? You are not falling behind, you are not failing. You are on a step. You are getting there.

This is a photo of me taken at opening night of my photo exhibit at The Des Moines Botanical Center. I didn’t start the year thinking I would be displaying 6’ x 4’ photos at such a beautiful venue. I started by taking one photo each day for my www.Earthschooling365.com project and at the end of the year (that turned into three years) as I was sorting through all the images I found so many beautiful images of fungi so I approached the botanical center with my idea and they loved it.

So this happened by just taking one photo each day of something I found beautiful on my nature walk and then being open to what emerged from that experience.

So many big projects I’ve completed are like this. Sometimes it seems like it will never get done or that the task is insurmountable. Sometimes I even feel lost and wonder why I am doing it. But it is results like this that encourage me to keep going.

Take time in your own life to do a “mental review” of tasks you have completed this year. Did you change your diet? Did you lose weight? Did you paint a room? Did you landscape a yard? Did you plant a garden? Did you paint a picture? Did you raise a child?

Recognizing past successes will help you remember that great things can be accomplished – one step at a time.

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