Tuesday Tip: Your Passion Can Change the World

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Your Passion Can Change the World

Your passion can change the world. This movie was beyond adorable but also very inspiring. The people in this movie had dedicated their entire lives to either working for pandas or black bears.

Sometimes I see so many things I want to do – so much potential to change the world and make a difference in so many places – it is hard to decide what to do.

Movies like this remind me that there are thousands of people out there changing the world with their passion. And if we can all do that it will make such a difference.

If you think about it you realize that Pandas are a small part of the world but every part of the world needs someone with a passion and that passion will spread and inspire others.

Additionally, what you do to help one small part of the world will have an impact on other parts. It will spread.

What “small” part of the world have you chosen this year? Your family? A shelter? A person in need? Wildlife rehab? Flood clean up? Teaching a class? Being a nurse?

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